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So…yeah.  I raelly seemed to suck at this writing twice a week thing the past month.  I could offer excuses, like how Battery Pack made it to Round Two of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest, or that it’s in actual book form on my shelf now (more like my floor for this picture, but it exists!)











I can also say that I’ve been doing a lot of reading in the last month.  For example, I plowed through American Gods by Neil Gaiman for the first time.  Reading the book form of Howl’s Moving Castle (so different from the movie!), and a few books from the local Little Free Libraries.  Add in a Darkover novel or two as I try to make myself like them–so far, it’s not happening–and my weird hour job… There’s been some planning of a new writing project with my friend E.M. Verhalen (also in the second round of ABNA) and going to acupuncture for stress and health and having it work (whoo!).  And some good old fashioned D&D with friends on the weekends, it’s little wonder that I’ve been busy.

But in reality?  I’m just lazy. And the longer it got between times that I wrote, the more guilty I felt, and the more I didn’t want to write because of guilt.  It was a vicious cycle that I kicked in the ass today, and bit the bullet in an attempt get back into this thing.


Update on Mists of Avalon: Finished Second Two, the High Queen.  Like Lady of Magic, it focused on the character the section title named, in this case, Gwen.  It’s mainly regarding her impact with Arthur now that Morgaine and Avalon is out of Camelot and off who knows where (we discover later she is with the elves on accident).  Here is where we first see Christianity having a big impact on the life of Arthur rather than the “pagan ways” of Avalon, and him casting aside the banner of the Pendragon to carry the Cross into battle that Gwen made for him.  She thinks that because Arthur isn’t Christian, that is why she can’t have kids.  At the end, she and Lance get together with Arthur’s knowledge and blessing…  Nothing good can come of this.  As soon as I finish one of the books I’m currently reading, I’ll dive back into this one.

The biggest thing I have noted about Mist of Avalon is how hard it can be to slough through at some points.  I mean, we’re dealing with some pretty heavy stuff.  Religious type of heavy, and the “killing” of old ways to make room for the “new” (at least in the eyes of Avalon). But some of the thoughts are beat upside the head so many times that the hose is beyond dead.  It is a paste along the side of the road that one one can identify.   Yes, the amount of research shows through, but at the same time, I got the point when you mentioned it for the 4th time three pages ago.

Gwen is, sadly, very one dimensional, at least in her section.  Which is a shame, as it is “hers”.  She is so very focused on the Christianity aspect of life, that she seems to become little more than a representation of what she is believing in rather than a person.  It is only towards the end when she and Arthur have their conversation about Lancelot and Gwen is given the go ahead to be with the Knight of her Dreams that she begins to develop a personality aside from a Fundie (if you’ll excuse the phrase).


So…yeah.  expect me to try to kick my ass into gear more on posting here.  Maybe on Wednesday I’ll do something with this new game that has consumed me.  I suck at it, but I enjoy the story. Which is the best part of any game, in my opinion.


Story Time: Blue Beetles and Jim Butcher

Have a bit of time to throw up a post, but not enough time to write a review.  That means it’s story time.

This is the Tale of How I Once Met Jim Butcher….in what approximates to a real world Blue Beetle.

Back in my….Sophomore year of college (I think it was Sophomore…yeah, it had the blue bumper by that point, but hadn’t died on a freeway onramp yet). Back in that year of college, some friends and I heard that Mr. Butcher was going to FINALLY be having a book signing in the Chicago area.  Now, only being an hour and a half ride from Chicago, myself and two others decided it would be a grand plan to go visit him.

Never mind that we had classes the next day at OH MY GOD EARLY O’clock.

Being the only one with a car, it, of course, fell to me to drive this almost two hours to Oak Brook, IL from Kenosha, WI.   In my car.  Which..well…

To give you some idea on what my car was like…

1993 Ford Escort Station Wagon.  Stickshift. When you stepped on the brakes, the speakers on the front passenger side would go out. The clock didn’t tell time, the CD player occasionally ate CDs and I had to pry them out, and that CD player was likely worth more than the Blue Book value of my car.  The front bumper was bright blue from the one and only accident I have ever had (a story for another time), while the rest of it was a lovely beige and the back passenger door didn’t open.

In short, it was my first car and I loved it.

The night we left, it was hitting 5pm. And it was drizzing, as it had been on and off mostly all day. This is my first time on IL toll roads as a driver, and they are under construction as an added bonus. If I stick my arm out the window at a bad moment, the passing Semi could easily just rip that right off.

And then my windows start to fog up ON THE INSIDE and the defroster won’t work.  I put my friends on Napkin Patrol, and the start wiping down the windows when I need to see out of them.

W make it (somehow) alive to the Borders, grabs some floor space and enjoy a wonderful time listening to the Q&A from one of our favorite authors. And then signing starts.  Fast forward about two hours, and it’s finally our time up there.  The conversation at my turn to get my copy of Storm Front signed goes something along these lines…

Butcher: So where are you from?
Me: Kenosha, Wisconsin.
B: *looks up* Sounds like quite a ride.
m: *nods*  But fun.  I have the real world version of the Blue Beetle though. So I’m just glad we made it alive.
B: O.o
m: Is there time I could get a picture?
*picture is snapped*
m: Thank you.
B: You’re welcome.  Thanks for coming and um…drive home carefully.  I don’t want to wake up tomorrow morning and read about a firey crash of a car and college kids in the paper!

The ride home (once we manage to make it on the freeway going the right way) starts at about midnight. And it has been downpouring most of the time we were at the signing, so there are a few places where the roads on the Freeway are FLOODED.

And I’m navigating with a print out from google maps, so it’s not like we can just go around.  Praying to any and all gods listening, we make it through, and back to college by around 2:30 am.

And then I get up for an 8am class.

And that is my story of how I drove the Blue Beetle to meet Jim Butcher.

And somewhere…there are pictures.  I’m going on a hunt tomorrow to find these….

ETA: Found them!










I can’t guarantee a post that has actual…substance to it today or Monday this time.  I’m off to the Warm-Weather Land of Florida and a wedding there.  No internet access, but that’s okay.  We all need a break now and again.  I’ll see you all when I get back.

I Love Mail

Everyone in the world loves getting mail, doubly so when it does not come in Bill-Form.

Opened up my mailbox today to discover a postcard from my Japanese friend Aki, whom I met while studying German in Heidelberg.  It’s written in German, and is from New Zealand, where she also visited Hobbiton.

What can I say aside from I love my friends and they know me so well, that I am clearly a geek, and I love having friends all over the world.

Getting back to this…

I moved AGAIN this weekend, but hopefully for the last time now.  Unless things go horribly horribly wrong, I’m here to stay.  Which means I can get back to updating this with more regularity, even if my schedule isn’t.

My goals for this week:

Review the book I just finished (The Name of the Wind)

Update Realm of the Gods

Choose a cover for NaNo 2011

Edit NaNo 2011

Poetry Day

and any other suggestions that you might have.

Are there any topics involving writing that you would be interested in learning more about? Or at least my viewpoint of them? Please let me know!

Bibliophile Heaven

Well, if it wasn’t a sure thing before, it is etched in stone now.

The first place I go now that I live in a big city?  The library that is a three minute walk away.

I got a card today. And then I found out that, not only do I have access to all of the libraries in this City, but also the whole of the county and SEVEN OTHER COUNTIES.

I don’t know when I will possibly have time to read seven counties of books, but I’m sure as shoot going to start trying to !

Moved In And Set Up

Well, I have successfully managed to move in about half of my stuff today.  The other half comes in next week complete with moving truck and furniture.

When did I have time to collect all of these things?  And my God, the CLOTHES!  WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY CLOTHES?!

That being said, it’s a gorgeous place here.  Comfy furniture (that is mine until my apartment is ready to be moved into), shower that is clean.  Hot water for as long as I want it and heat as high as I want too.  I never need to wear sweatshirts again! or shiver at night! It’s a good feeling, it really is.

Tomorrow there’s a craft fair that I plan to head to so I can try to find some decorations.

Or, you know, just get out and explore.

Aside from that…

With NaNo and moving done now, I should be able to get back to a regular posting schedule. So, Book Reviews on Mondays (or articles), Stories on Fridays, Poetry Days when I remember and random crazy-ness when it’s called for.

Which should be every day in my life…