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Remember that contest I posted about a while back?  The one where you can win a kindle or a nook?

Winners were announced the other day, and one of the people I referred won, which meant I got one too!  Having said that I would never get an e-reader for myself because I love the feel of book so much, and the look of a bookshelf full of them, I’ll be getting my 3G Kindle Touch tomorrow.  What this basically means is that it will be easier for me to carry books around at work and my travels (I love traveling). And that I will have more access to those books designated as “classics”. Those ones are generally free on Amazon.

What this means for you is that I’ll likely be doing more book reviews of all sorts of books (and updating my shelves at leftthemap.com   See what I did there?  Shameless plug). And I’ll probably do a review on my Kindle itself once I’ve gotten it and have played with it a bit.


In related Kindle news, Battery Pack is at number 95 out of 500 for most downloaded ABNA excerpt.  Either that means I have a lot of friends or people like it that much.  Either way, exciting.

I’m also working on getting Lover’s Requiem self published again.  All I need right now is a summary, which I’m pretty bad at writing.  So this could take awhile.  But I’ll post here when it’s available for downloading.

In one last shameless plug, leftthemap has forums now.  Go talk about your favorite book, get in an argument with someone about why your favorite book is better…you know, the general internet stuff.  Seriously, go check it out.


Drive By Posting

This is a really really quick drive by post while I have 5 minutes between errands and work.

If you’re like me, you read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy books.  And they sit on your shelves.  And then you go to the book store and go “crap…what one of these did I have”.  Or you’ll have a family member ask you what books you have…and you’ll stare at the two bookshelves and the floor full and go “know what?  gift cards are easier”

This is why a friend of mine started Left The Map.  Basically, it’s a way to keep track of and rate the books you have read.  There are new ones constantly being added, and with new people joining every day, you can meet people who have your same interest in books, and find some books you might have never come across before.  It’s organized by “shelves”: have read, going to read, never going to read, on my list, and so on. With a lot of books to read, it’s a great way, at least for me, to keep track of what I said I was going to read. And when people ask me what books I want, I can point them towards my “shelves” and say I either have these or…

“See that category that says ‘want to read’?”


“Pick one and give it to me.  I’ll be happy”

There’s also a really nice contest going on right now.  Click on a button, get a change to wind a Kindle or a Nook, your choice. Only thing you have to do is make an account.  Technically, you never need to do anything with it ever again if you don’t want to.  We’ve done this before on Facebook with a less likely chance to succeed.  If you wanna enter…


okay..shameless plug off.  Off to errands now.  later today, I try to discuss the video game that ate me for a bit.