Published Works

As I publish, I’ll update this page with links to where you can find a story, cost, and any reviews it has.  Check back often to see what’s new!

Vatican Vamps:  In the what some call the holiest city on Earth, there is something lurking in the darkness. A struggle centuries in the making is coming to a head, threatening the destruction of the Vatican. When Emaline Noctum returns, she is caught between two choices: follow tradition and be a protector, or give in to the darkness within and kill those who would do harm?
Price on Smashwords: Free
Price on iTunes: Free
Price on Barnes and Noble: Free 
What others say about it:  Hammer’s short story steeps you in a fresh new vampiric tale set against the lush shadows of nighttime Rome. Immediately engaging, “Vatican Vamps” is an intense bus-stop read that leaves you longing to spend more time among these engaging, and deadly, creatures of the night. Review found here

Aeternum Amor: When Koios agreed to become a vampire ten years ago, it was to save who he thought was the love of his life. When he found her, it was already too late. Since then, he has carried the guilt of her death on himself. But when out on a hunt, he comes across a person strikingly familiar to him. He is forced to choose between loyalty to the ones who created him, and the love he once knew.

Price on Smashwords: Free
What others say about it: Not rich in dialogue, at least not in the beginning. It’ll grow on you slowly. It has some lines that are quite fascinating and original. If you’re a lover the genre, I would recommend it. It shouldn’t be free; the editing and style are good. And I did enjoy the story. Review found here.


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