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Flash Fiction Challenge

My word was catch.  To recap the rules, I had to use this word in a story.  The story could be no more an 100 characters, including spaces.  And I can have up to three entries under my name.

Terse is not a strong point, so I struggled here.  But spending a day at the Wisconsin State Fair and typing up any idea that came to me on my phone, I manged to get three entries.

The Job: get the money.The Payoff: Over a Million.The Catch: no one has any idea how to manage it.

Catch the rain to see the future. When I see nothing, what does it mean? Was my family right?

To save him, the catch was I died. I didn’t blink as I agreed to it. He was worth more than I

I will find out on Monday how I did.  Even if I don’t go any further, I’m still excited that I was able to manage this.  A lesson in brevitiy does all authors good, I feel.