Worldbuilders: A Patrick Rothfuss Fundraiser

Taking this moment to pimp out a charity that a new favorite author of mine is having a fundraiser for.  He calls it Worldbuilders, and all money from the raising of funds goes to a charity called Heifer International.  This charity donates bees, ducks, chickens, goats and cows to families living in poverty all around the world so that they can start making their own life better almost immediately.  Fresh milk every day?  No more malnourishment.  Eggs from your chickens?  Instant way to sell things so you can make money and buy food.

It’s a brilliant charity if I say so myself.

Here’s the kicker though…  Worldbuilders is run by an author.  And an author who other people have donated many many things to to go into the lottery.  Some awesome things in this lottery:

A Signed, numbered ARC of Stardust with it’s own pretty Slipcover and an even better story about the traveling book that might jut give Neil Gaimen a complex soon that no one wants his book.

A Golden Ticket, good for one favor from Patrick Rothfuss.

More signed books than I can shake a stick at.

Graphic novels, comic books, online comics in print.

Basically, a bit of everything.


For every $10 you spend, you get your name put into the lottery.  So, if you donate $20, your name goes in twice.  There was one recent blog where Rothfuss discusses the odds of winning something.  When you take all the math, it comes down to “a better chance than if you were playing in the real lottery”.

And for every dollar donated, Worldbuilders matches 50%.  So your $10 donation becomes $15.  Which is half of a hive of bees. And Honey is pretty awesome.


The catch is this funraiser ends tomorrow at midnight-ish.  So if you want to get your warm fuzzies on, best do it soon.  A link to a better explanation and a small listing of all the cool things is right…. here



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