An Almost Book Review Part Two

Well, I finally finished Inheritance last weekend, and I’ve been stewing on it for about a week now.  It’s a good book, but I’m not quite sure how I completely feel about it.

What I did enjoy was the fact that the story didn’t just END when Galbatorix was finally killed.  Paolini went on to begin to describe the troubles that a newly emerging nation might have after a dictator has been disposed.  This is something that is seen a lot in today’s world, and not something often seen in any detail in books I have read before.  So many of the solutions to the problems were incredibly easy though, and people stepped down or to the side with little to no issue once the reigning King was dead. I almost feel things fell too easily into place for the Varden, and I would have liked to have seen King Orrin have more spine that spittle when he was trying to become new leader of the Empire.

Of course, that might have lead to an entire new book.

A lot of loose ends were also still present at the end, such as who Angela is, and why Solumbum is with her.  While I can understand not wanting to give too much away, she was a very powerful character, and many times served as more of a plot device Mary Sue than anyone with real…substance.  Kidnapped?  Don’t worry, Angela is here.  Issues with Werecats?  Angela is coming.  She was a convenient way to solve problems.

The sudden appearance of Dragon Eggs and Souls also seemed very…easy to me.  As did temporal folds that belonged more in something out of a Dr Who FanFic than a fantasy series.  But there had to be an easy way for things to all come together enough that Paolini could finish this in one book.  And the way it was explained, it does fit the world (even if Wrinkles in Time don’t).

The fight with Galbatorix was well done, and the fight with Murtagh really showed just how cruel he was without taking away from the story for descriptions.  He did what he wanted, because he could.  Followed that Evil Overlord List rather well, I must say.

The ending though…that is where my biggest issues lay.  here, get on a ship, steered by elves, meet up with some old friends before you go….and then sail into the West into the Lands…oh, wait…wrong book.  Sail into the East into the Lands Beyond.  The ending really just seemed ripped out of the ending of Return of the King.  Which, to be honest, a lot of people have ripped from Return of the King.  I just don’t think it’s been as blatant.

But yes, all in all, I did enjoy finishing this series. S. has my copy now, so when he finishes with it, I’ll try to get his opinions to add to mine.


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