Moved In And Set Up

Well, I have successfully managed to move in about half of my stuff today.  The other half comes in next week complete with moving truck and furniture.

When did I have time to collect all of these things?  And my God, the CLOTHES!  WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY CLOTHES?!

That being said, it’s a gorgeous place here.  Comfy furniture (that is mine until my apartment is ready to be moved into), shower that is clean.  Hot water for as long as I want it and heat as high as I want too.  I never need to wear sweatshirts again! or shiver at night! It’s a good feeling, it really is.

Tomorrow there’s a craft fair that I plan to head to so I can try to find some decorations.

Or, you know, just get out and explore.

Aside from that…

With NaNo and moving done now, I should be able to get back to a regular posting schedule. So, Book Reviews on Mondays (or articles), Stories on Fridays, Poetry Days when I remember and random crazy-ness when it’s called for.

Which should be every day in my life…


About Megan Hammer

An author just beginning to try to get her foot in the door, Megan hopes that blogging about her love will help her own writing skills, as well as let her see what other people like to read, and connect with them. While her favorites books are mainly in the Fantasy Genre, she is always looking for recommendations for something new to read. Have something to say to her? She is always happy to get e-mail at: View all posts by Megan Hammer

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