Late posts

So, I bet you’re wondering why posts are getting later and later lately?

It’s not completely NaNo, though I will admit that it is taking up a lot of my free time.

But I’m also trying to pack up all of my belongings in order to move in the first week of December. So what little free time once belonged to be now belongs to the boxes.

Which I have just run out of….

This bodes so very well for packing.

If you or your family has any boxes that are causing trouble in your home, please consider sending them to the Hammer Halfway Home for Boxes. They will be well looked after, and slowly re-integrated into society as useful holding devices. And, when they have completed their training and study sessions, they will be released into the world to be given new homes and usages.


About Megan Hammer

An author just beginning to try to get her foot in the door, Megan hopes that blogging about her love will help her own writing skills, as well as let her see what other people like to read, and connect with them. While her favorites books are mainly in the Fantasy Genre, she is always looking for recommendations for something new to read. Have something to say to her? She is always happy to get e-mail at: View all posts by Megan Hammer

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