Poetry Day

Emily K Proeber’s old poem “Opening the wound” is still one of my favorites. It too was also written at 1am one night. I am beginning to believe that she writes her best work at night, clearly. Enjoy!

opening the wound

The city burns
with our discontent, smoke
rising out
of our anguish, the years
of killing ourselves

why should we live
with dinosaurs?
the ice age
is still coming.

maybe love
is on
the other side of the world
a transatlantic
at me –

will you shoot me
for trying
to find it?

am I still even on
the table, anesthetized
or not? You would not
put me
to sleep, you

raccoons and
lobsters do scream when
burned alive –

your cold, dead eyes are too big
for an animal, you
are something worse –
your deadbeat heart –
I don’t want it.

maybe love
was just never meant to be
real, only
a human


You are still
my happy thought
when I need to
fly or
save myself.

This burns best when
its tears are dried up
and abandoned, then
nothing gets hurt but

old scars

Her explanation of it can be found here: http://konfuzedwithak.deviantart.com/gallery/12465648#/d45xwnk


Also, it is her Birthday today as well, so happy birthday to Emily!


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