Lover’s Requiem: Chapter Four

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Koios was the first awake.  Unlike every other time that it happened though, he did not wait around for the others of Diu’s Court to wake and join him in the communal room.  He was dressed in black and was out of the door into the twilight of the near set sun just as the others were beginning to stir.

His hunt was quick this time.  In his rush to make it to the church, he did not think of his own limitations for once.  He grabbed at the first person that he came across and drained them to near death.  Blood still on his lips and too much spilt on the ground around him, his hunger was not yet sated.  He left the alley quick enough to appear to be nothing more than a moving shadow to anyone watching and immediately tracked down another prey.  He was letting his vampiric nature take control of his body for once and it was reveling in it.

After one more near death and one feeding that resulted in not only a large blood loss, but also a loss of life, Koios was on his way to the church.  With power and energy in excess from all that he had done that night, he had no problem in quickly getting to it.  His running was so quick that the landscape blurred even to his own enhanced eyesight.  Any jumps that he made propelled him high into the air and across the little light that the moon gave off so that he was nothing more than a sudden silhouette against it.  He was truly a stalker and a hunter in the night for once in his ten year tenure of being a vampire.

And it was fun.

When he reached the entrance to the church, he finally slowed to a walk.  As he approached the steps that led inside, he found that he was unable to get any closer than just the doors.  Even getting that close was something that was hard to do.  Confused and knowing that he had gone inside just the night before, he pushed himself forward until he touched the doors in order to push them open.  Just like that, he was in sudden pain.  It was as though he was looking back on the crosses that were inside the way he had the night before.  Only a hundred times more painful.

He slowly backed away, hissing slightly as he bared his blood spattered teeth to it.

Something wrong?” asked a voice from behind him.

He twirled around and found himself facing Anahita again.  This time, she wasn’t glowing and had no wings.  She looked only a bit like Bridgett though, which was always a good thing in his book.  Although he had been sure it was her in his dream last night, he wasn’t positive now that he was faced with the real thing.  “Anahita,” he said curtly in way of greeting.

“Something wrong?”

“No.  Everything’s fine,” came his quick reply.

“Then shall we go inside?”  She walked to the doors of the church and pushed them over before going inside.  Once across the threshold, she stopped and turned back to look at him.  “You coming?”

“I…I can’t get inside.”

She nodded.  “I see.”  There was a pause and then, “How much blood did you take tonight?”

“No more than usual.”

“How much more than usual was spilt?”

Koios looked away from her and up to the stars.  “Enough,” he replied after a moment.  “I can’t get in because of that, can I?  It’s because I let the demon in me take control.”  Anahita nodded to him from her place inside the church.  “So, now what?” he asked.  “It’s not like I can walk inside and we can talk there.”

“There is another place,” she said after a moment.”


“Graveyard.  About ten minutes walking at human speed away from here.  Vampires of any court won’t go there after dark.  After all, there’s no fresh blood there, is there?”

He looked at her.  “Meet you there then?”   Before she could truly reply, he was off and running in the direction that she had just motioned in.  He reached it in about three minutes, spending a great deal of the energy that he had gained that night.  Which was probably for the best, he determined, if he was going to spend the night talking to an angel.  Considering what had happened at the church with his demon aspect at the front of his being, he wasn’t really sure he want to know what would happen if he spent any large amount of time with an angel while his demon was still in control.

Not knowing where they were going to meet once there, he paused just outside of the gates, searching for any sign of Anahita.  He saw a brighter area towards the left and through some trees and moved towards it.  Pushing through the branches, he saw Anahita sitting on a rock, waiting for him.

She was as bright as a full moon reflecting on freshly fallen snow and was full of grace even though she was just sitting.  When he stepped into her circle of light, it dimmed a bit.  Was it her own choice or was it from the darkness that he found himself consumed in?  He wasn’t sure, nor was he sure if he really wanted to know.

“Do you remember your dream from last night?” she asked in way of greeting.

He moved to take a seat next to her on the rock.  “Yes.  And, before you ask, yes, I believe it truly happened as well.  You are Bridgett.  However, you are more Anahita now than the girl that I…that James loved.”  He swallowed hard at his error.  It had been years since he had even considered himself as James.  Koios was who he was and who he was going to stay.  He looked at her.  “Who is it?” he asked, repeating the same question he had asked in the dream

“The-One-Who-Takes,” she replied with a small smile.

“The-One-Who-Takes?” An eyebrow was raised.  “Does he have a name that is more name like and less of a description?”

Anahita licked her lips nervously.  “He does.  But I’m not sure if I should tell you.  You won’t like it.”

“Who is it?” he demanded to know through clenched teeth.


There was complete silence in the graveyard.  Only the sounds of the night could be heard.  Somewhere nearby, an owl hooted and then swooped down to capture some poor unlucky mouse.  The quiet wings were deafening in comparison to the silence that was found in the clearing between the angel and the vampire.

“No.  There’s no way it’s Diu,” Koios said forcefully.

“How can you be sure?  He’s the one who has turned every single person who is in his Court.  Young and old.  And every one of them has had something tragic happen to the other people they were with.”  Anahita looked down at the grass below her feet before drawing in a quiet breath.  “He was the one who killed me.”

“There’s no way he could have killed you!” he shouted at her.  “He was with me the entire time after I was shot.”   He leapt up from the rock and began pacing about.  “He turned me and was with me until I found your broken body and the body of the thief.  There was no way that he could have gotten away, killed you and then have returned to walk beside me and me not notice that he was gone.”

“I didn’t mean him directly,” she spat at him, standing as well.  “Some of his Court actually killed me.  But it was on his order.  They killed the thief too.”

“Who cares about a damn beggar?  He was going to go the hell anyway!”

“Are you so sure of that?” she asked.  The sudden softness of her voice was such a contrast to Koios shouting that it made him stop cold in his walking.  “He wasn’t trying to kill us.  Just get money so that his children could eat that night.”

“It doesn’t matter,” he spat out at her.  “It was his fault that it all happened anyways.”  He walked to the edge of the clearing before turning to look over his shoulder at her.  “I’m leaving.  Going back to the Court.”

“Koios,” Anahita spoke.  It was the first time that she had ever called him by any other name but James.  It wasn’t a lot, but it was enough to keep him from leaving as he turned completely around to look at her.  “Please.  Don’t block off your mind.  You were open-minded in life.  Why are you boxing yourself in now in death?”

“Vampires never really die,” he responded wryly.  “Humans do, but when we turn to dust, we are just that, dust.”  A sardonic grin graced his features and it made him look even more ghoulish in the pale light that was around the two of them.  “Ashes to ashes.”

“Will you at least think about what I have said?” she asked him as she approached.  A hand was gently placed on his shoulder as she looked him straight in the eyes.  She knew that she could see the hurt and confusion that he held and wondered, briefly, just what he was able to see in her.

“Yes,” Koios said softly, before leaning down and brushing her lips with his.  “I can promise that much.  There will be no way that I can not.”

“Then can I ask one more thing?”


“Is there a way that I might be able to be connected with you?  In case you change your mind about Diu and want to talk about it with me?”

He stepped away from her, running a hand through his hair.  “There is a way,” he began slowly.  “But I doubt that you’re going to like it.  Plus, I haven’t a clue on if it’s allowed or not.  Especially with you.”

“I…I don’t understand.  What—“

He licked his lips in apprehension before interrupting her sentence.  “Biting.  Blood exchange.  I’m connected with you and you are connected with me.”

She blinked at him for a moment.  “Are you insane?”

He shrugged and laughed slightly.  “More than likely.  Was in life, can’t see why that should be different now.”

“You’d turn an angel?”

“Not turn,” he said quickly.  “Never turn.  I wouldn’t force this existence on anyone who didn’t want it.  Sure, it’s great to live forever, but not when you have to live off blood.”  Koios looked at her.  “I believe you said the same thing last night in the dream.”

This time, it was Anahita who flinched.  “Then never mind.  I will not take blood.”

“Good, because I wasn’t exactly offering.  I was just saying that was the only option that we had.”  He stalked back to the shadows of the trees and stood there for a moment.  “How will I know?”

“Know what?”

“If you need to see me again.  Or what if I decide that I need to see you?”

She gave him a sad smile.  “No blood exchange means no contact outside of dreams.”

He just stared at her before disappearing into the shadows of the trees.  A moment later, he came back with a single red rose the color of the blood he had been drinking that night.  With a mock bow, he handed it to her.  “For you, angel.”  She took it, thinking that he had taken it from one of the graves and planned on dropping it as soon as he was gone.  She did not steal from the dead.

What she would never know was that Koios had used the last of the excess energy he had gained that night into asking the small flower for faster growth and bloom so that he might give it to her.

No response came to him from her lips, so he simply nodded his goodbye and became one with the night.  Anahita waited until she was sure that he was gone before putting the rose on the rock and disappearing in a silent, but blinding, flash of light.

Unseen by all, the rose took root.

Trivia: It was in this chapter that I really started to create what the “vampire mythos” was for this story. I took other ideas out there, and then played with them until they became my own. I think it ended up working really well.


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