Flash Fiction Challenge

My word was catch.  To recap the rules, I had to use this word in a story.  The story could be no more an 100 characters, including spaces.  And I can have up to three entries under my name.

Terse is not a strong point, so I struggled here.  But spending a day at the Wisconsin State Fair and typing up any idea that came to me on my phone, I manged to get three entries.

The Job: get the money.The Payoff: Over a Million.The Catch: no one has any idea how to manage it.

Catch the rain to see the future. When I see nothing, what does it mean? Was my family right?

To save him, the catch was I died. I didn’t blink as I agreed to it. He was worth more than I

I will find out on Monday how I did.  Even if I don’t go any further, I’m still excited that I was able to manage this.  A lesson in brevitiy does all authors good, I feel.


About Megan Hammer

An author just beginning to try to get her foot in the door, Megan hopes that blogging about her love will help her own writing skills, as well as let her see what other people like to read, and connect with them. While her favorites books are mainly in the Fantasy Genre, she is always looking for recommendations for something new to read. Have something to say to her? She is always happy to get e-mail at: inkblabber@gmail.com View all posts by Megan Hammer

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