Lover’s Requiem: PrologueI

Today starts a serial story called Lover’s Requiem.  I’m still working on finishing it, and I’m hoping that being forced to finish it so I can post it makes me work on it more.  This is all a rough draft of the novella as well.  I hope to be able to provide little bits of trivia about the writings as well as I continue on with it posting it.

Without further ado, here is Lover’s Requiem.


The boy and the girl had been in love for as long as they could remember. Sometimes, it felt like forever in their minds. They knew each other so well that they could know what the other was thinking. Indeed, the two rarely had to say a complete sentence when talking.

He was tall, all lanky arms and legs. His hair was a mop of black strands that were in constant disarray. It was rare he went anywhere without at least one piece of black clothing on him. He was classified as a “freak” by others of society and often avoided because of it. But he didn’t care; he was comfortable with who he was. He had dark green eyes that darted everywhere, taking everything in. And his name, though later rejected, was James.

She was tall as well, but the height suited her. She did not look like a puppy still growing into his paws as James sometimes did. She was thin, wiry. Her long blonde hair matched her body. Her eyes were the blue of a warm ocean, though they were often narrowed in cynicism. She wore Celtic jewelry, silver in color, on her body in at least one place every day. Her skin matched her clothes: pale, almost ivory. At the time, she went by the name of Brigett.

The two stood in sharp contrast to one another. People wondered how they had fallen in love. Some days, they themselves wondered just how it had happened. But a look into each other’s eyes, and it became glaringly obvious once more: they were meant for each other.

But events greater than even their love were occurring, by beings more powerful than the two could imagine. And it was not long after James’s twentieth birthday that the first of these events transpired.

The two had gone out to one of the fancier restaurants in the city. She, dressed in a white dress, appeared to be an angel. He wore a black tux; even the shirt was the color of midnight. Together, they were two halves of the same picture, an idea that was lent credence once one realized they each had a half of the same Celtic knot on a chain about their necks.

The night was perfect when they left the small French restaurant. Uncountable stars filled the sky while the moon was just this side of dark. In the darkness of one alleyway, they waited for their cab, kissing in the dark. Neither paid much attention to what was going on about them.

As such, it was impossible for them to hear the approach of the thief on quiet feet.<

"Your money," he ordered, jamming the barrel of the pistol into the small of James's back. "Or I kill the girl."

James slowly nodded and reached into his back pocket drawing out his wallet. He pulled out the $40.00 that had been in it and passed it to the thief.

"All of it," the thief ordered.

"That's all I have," he replied softly.

"Then I take the girl," came the answer, the gun shifting over to train on Brigett.

"Run, Brigett!" James told her. She took off down the street. James threw himself at the thief in an attempt to give his love more time to escape. Frightened, the thief's finger twitched and the gun spat out a bullet. It ripped through James's body and bounced harmlessly off the brick building behind him.

James fell to the ground and lay on top of the thief. Still in shock, the thief pulled himself out from underneath the dying James and stared at him. Then, he transferred the gaze to the gun in his hand. He hadn't meant to kill anyone, just scare them. Money forgotten, he began to run in the direction Brigett had gone.

James lay on the sidewalk, the dark night growing darker around him as he lost contact with the world. He heard a fluttering noise from above and then a face appeared in his narrowing field of vision. At first, he assumed that it was only something he had created in his mind during his last moments.

Then the person knelt down beside him. "I can save you," he told James in a quiet voice. "But it must be your choice."

"What do you mean?"

The being pulled back his lips from his teeth and let that be his answer. "You know what I am."

"Yes. Vampire."

"I can save you," he repeated. "But it must be your choice. Do you wish to be like me in order to remain in this world a little longer?"

James though of Brigett, a girl whom he would do anything for. If he died, he would never see her again. Never again would he hear her voice or feel her feather light touch as her fingers tied his tie. For her, he would do anything; even become one of the damned. "Let me live," he whispered to the vampire.

"Very well," was the quiet reply. And he lowered his head and began to transform him.


Trivia: each chapter name, and the entire idea for this story, actually, comes from the CD called "Lover's Requiem" by the group "I Am Ghost".


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